“The Job Of SEO In London Is Not To Position A Website, But To Optimize It.”

Person Holding Black Tablet ComputerAn SEO is a commercial that does not try to find potential customers and sell them something because they already know they are, listen to their needs, and propose solutions. SEO work is a big strategic part and another technical part. The Marketing Director is the one who best knows the company, the market, the clients and the competition, fundamental data for SEO work.

The job of SEO is not to position a website but to optimize it; this is the correct translation of the English Search Engine Optimization. So you are interested in preparing the web to have visibility in search engines so that the user looking for you finds you! Even doing SEM could be an SEO/branding decision.

A company without a website is not a company of today; a company of today without an SEO loses money.

What advantages would you highlight of online marketing over offline?

The data, the perfection of monitoring, the speed of adaptation. There is no other platform that offers you the possibility of running a campaign at 9 am, changing it at 12 pm, customizing it according to the user’s language, geolocating it according to the city from which it is viewed, and adapting it to your schedule in real-time, allowing you to inform your friends in 1 click, save your purchase data, remind you of your reservation, ask for feedback.

How do you search the Internet, and where do you think these searches will evolve?

Internet, Social Media, Woman, TabletSearch economics last as long as the search string exists: search = results (sites) + searchers (users). At the moment, the chain works because almost all of them meet the requirements (search engines, users), except for the results (websites) that sometimes lack usability and optimization.

We must know that every day the user types 40 new keywords in google, and his way of searching evolves since now he tends to avoid prepositions and accents. There are 2 main types of searches: commercial and information.

SEO is not just about programming

Many think that well-done programming of the web or virtual store is enough; and that with these actions, we will already be in the best positions in Google. However, SEO is a set of factors that bring results in parallel. You need a well-configured hosting server and well-crafted programming codes but above all content. That’s because the texts generate the words indexed in the search base.

Content is essential to optimize SEO

There are some rules that SEO professionals “discover” and pass on to content writers to write in a way that helps Internet users better understand the text and for Google to index the words and better position the page in the free search.